Nouvelle Mise à jour CONDOR CDN A650 V3.4.9 28-12-2020

Nouvelle Mise à jour CONDOR HD

CDN A650 HD 



New Update Condor A650 HD 

M A J Condor CDN A650 HD 2020 

Software Firmware version 3,4,9 


*1.Update FTV

2.Update sever135.

Add a control (Delay ON/OFF)at setting–other setting menu When Delay is ON,

compatible the CCCam/NewCAMD and Gsh/Forever.

to fixed the conflicting when using multiple iks servers,

and some channels delay for some seconds when use forever When Delay is OFF,

same as before software no delay .

Date de mise à jour:

28 Décembre 2020


Condor A650 HD
condor a 650 
Condor A650

M A J 

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v 3.4.9
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